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Changzhou knitting jeans factory washing method, three seedling tell you what
Release time:2020-08-24   browse:317time

The production of knitted jeans needs to go through several processes, among which washing is an important one. So, what are the methods of washing?

General washing: namely ordinary washing, in 60-90 °C or so of the water temperature, Changzhou knitting jeans factory add a certain detergent, after 15 minutes of washing, over water, add softening agent can be.

Stone washing: In the washing water, Changzhou knitting jeans factory adds a certain size of pumice stone to polish the clothes. According to customer requirements, can use Yellowstone, white stone, etc. For washing, in order to achieve different effects of washing water.

Enzyme wash: under a certain PH value and temperature, the enzyme degrades the fabric structure of Changzhou knitted denim, making the fabric surface fade and lose hair more gently, and obtaining a lasting soft effect.

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